Paper Submission - How do I submit on behalf of a student? - Instructor

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There are several methods in which Instructors can submit papers on behalf of their students. You can do this by clicking on the appropriate class, clicking "more actions" for the assignment, and selecting the "submit paper" option. From here you may select one of the following options from the "Submit:"  heading:
  • File Upload - Uploads a single student’s paper located on your hard drive, storage device, account, or Google Drive™ account. 
  • Multiple File Upload - Uploads multiple student papers located on your hard drive or storage device. 
  • Cut and Paste - Uploads a single student’s paper using a file type that Turnitin does not support, by copying text into the box provided.
  • Zip File - Uploads multiple student papers located in a single zip file.
Once you have chosen a method, please fill out the student information if submitting for a Non-enrolled student. Otherwise, click on the "Author" pull-down menu and find the student in the list. Once you've selected file(s) or entered text, click the "Upload" button and then "Confirm" if prompted.

Note: The 24-hour delay for resubmitted Originality Reports does not apply when an instructor submits on behalf of a student (after deleting the original submission from the inbox).

IMPORTANT! -  Papers you submit for non-enrolled students will not be accessible to any of your students.  You must choose the student from the student "author" list in order for the student to know you've submitted a paper on his or her behalf.  This is also the only way the student will be able to see the Originality Report for the submitted paper, as well as any comments you make in GradeMark.
Paper Submission - How do I submit on behalf of a student? - Instructor



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