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Integrating Turnitin with a Learning Management System (LMS) requires a few pieces of information to be entered, one of which is the "shared secret key."  The shared secret key is an eight character, alphanumeric code that an institution’s Turnitin account administrator will need to create in order to configure the plug-in. 
The shared secret key is used to verify the integrity of requests sent from the institution’s LMS account to the institution’s Turnitin account. The shared secret key can be a completely "made up" word or alphanumeric text string. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it is exactly eight characters long. For LTI integrations, the Shared Key must contain at least one letter and one number. The shared secret key entered in Turnitin must be identical to the shared secret key entered within the LMS. To be clear, both keys must match in order for access to be granted. Otherwise, the integration will not work.

Account Administrators may view or change the “Shared Key” by following the steps below.
  1. Log into your Administrator-level account at (or for UK institutions).
  2. To the right of the Account ID, click on the button under the "Integrations" column. If an integration has already been configured, the button will show the text "Configured" with a green dot. If an integration has not yet been configured, the text "Unconfigured" will be displayed with a yellow dot.
  3. Click on the relevant integration type.
  4. If the selected integration type has already been configured, the Shared Key can be found within the Configuration & Technical Support Information box. To modify the Shared Key, click on the “Edit” button and then "Save" the changes.
    If the selected integration type is not configured, the Configuration form will display, and the administrator may choose a Shared Key as part of the configuration.
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