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Turnitin services can integrate with several Learning Management Systems (LMS). To do so, the "Integration" option for the Turnitin account will first need to be purchased, if it hasn't already been.  Only the Turnitin Account Administrator can configure integration options on (or for UK institutions).

To configure Turnitin for use with an LMS:

  1. Sign into the Turnitin Account Administrator account on (or for UK institutions).  Make sure the "administrator" view is enabled from the pull down menu toward the top of the screen (if "Instructor" or "Student" is shown, please change to "Administrator").

  2. Click on the button under the "Integrations" heading ("unconfigured" or "configured")

  3. Click on the LMS you wish to configure (ex. Blackboard, Moodle, LTI API, etc).

  4. Fill out the required fields listed in the "Configuration" form (including the Shared Secret Key) and click "Save."

  5. If a code package download is available, (Angel, Blackboard, and Moodle only): Download the relevant plugin files for the version of the LMS you are using. These are the files that will need to be installed via the LMS. The plugin should be forwarded to your school's LMS Administrator (if it's a different person). The Turnitin plugin should be installed into your LMS and set up using the exact instructions in the LMS Administrator Manual for that specific LMS (available online, under the "Final Steps & Documentation" heading). Once the plugin files have been installed and set up, your instructors will be able to add Turnitin-based assignments via the LMS.

    If the text "
    This integration does not require a Turnitin code package" is displayed (all other integrations): The integration will need to be added and/or configured within the LMS using the Turnitin Account ID number and Shared Secret Key. Once the LMS is configured, your instructors will be able to add Turnitin-based assignments via the LMS. Please contact your LMS provider or LMS Administrator for guidance.


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