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If you have ever had a Turnitin account, you should continue using it for any new classes you are taking which require Turnitin. You should not create another Turnitin account when you receive a new Class ID# and enrollment key (see Warning below). Instead, you can add any number of classes to your already existing account. 

To enroll in a class using your pre-existing account, please do the following:

  1. Go to (or for accounts located in the UK).
  2. Click on the "Log In" button located toward the top right hand corner
  3. Log into your account by typing the email address and password* you used previously.
  4. Once logged into your account, click on the “Enroll in a Class” tab to the upper left of the screen.  Type the numeric class ID# and the case-sensitive class enrollment key that your instructor has given you.
  5. Your class will show on your homepage, after being added to your account.
  6. Click on the class name and you will see the assignments and submissions for that class.

If you need to enroll in multiple Turnitin classes, you will need the class ID# and enrollment key for each class, and repeat the steps above.  Once you are enrolled in each class, you will not need that class ID# and enrollment key again.

*If you do not remember your account password, you can navigate to to reset your password.

If you are a UK user, please use this URL instead:

Warning:  Students who have previously created a Turnitin profile will need to log in with the e-mail address and password that was originally set in the user profile.  Creating duplicate accounts with duplicate class enrollments can cause submission issues.  To fix them: your instructor, the Turnitin Help Desk and, possibly, the school administrator will need to be involved.

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